Socially Sustainable

The Fashion Industry is About People

“We started Eliza Christoph to improve the lives of women and communities in Kenya while creating the world’s most exquisite luxury goods. We stand for human rights, fair labor practices, gender equality, equity and inclusion.”

Liz Njoroge,
Founder and Creative Director
Eliza Christoph

The fashion industry is about people, farmers who grow crops for materials, employees who craft textiles and make clothing, and customers. We understand that our actions and policies have an impact. We treat every person in our supply chain with respect, dignity, and care.

Fair labor practices At our Made in Kenya, company-owned factory in Kenya we offer fair wages and benefits, including healthcare, paid-maternity leave, childcare, and financial literacy training for our employees. For products Made in Italy we give back a portion of our profits to communities where our artisans live and work. We strive to ensure our suppliers pay fair wages, benefits and provide safe and secure working conditions for their employees.

Human rights We embarked on the mission of forming a company that, at its core, respects and promotes human rights. We believe that every person in the world deserves respect, dignity, and care. Although governments are responsible for protecting against human rights abuses, businesses have a legal, commercial, and moral obligation to do their part. We strive to abide by international standards and avoid negative impacts on human rights through our activities and relationships.

Gender equity Women and girls in Kenya have unlimited potential. However, women in Kenya often face barriers and constraints that inhibit them from reaching their full potential. Issues like gender-based violence, underrepresentation in decision-making at all levels, less access than men to land ownership, credit, education, job training, and opportunities. We founded Eliza Christoph to provide women in Kenya with job training, opportunities, fair wages, and benefits. By providing support for women in Kenya, we enable women to meet their fullest potentials and support their families and communities. Through our EC Foundation, we also provide financial support for sewing training academies that enable women to embark on careers that can sustain them and their families for a lifetime.

Equity We believe that every individual, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or country of origin, deserves equal access to education, job opportunities, safety, and security. As a company, we are committed to making investments in education, hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations, and working with suppliers that support our equity initiatives.

We believe that every employee, supplier, and customer should be heard, respected, and treated fairly regardless of their differences and can contribute fully to our success.

Diversity and inclusion Diversity is foundational for our company's success. We strive to employ a wide range of employees from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and geographic locations.

At our core, we are committed to investing in inclusion and diversity:

  • Our Founder and Creative Director is a Black Kenyan-American woman
  • More than 50% of our employees are people of color
  • More than 50% of our employees are women
  • More than 50% of our employees are based in Kenya, including top-level managers
  • We strive to ensure our supplier base is made up as many as possible women-owned businesses; our interfacing supplier in Spain is a woman-owed

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